1. It all begins now.


I’m Ryan, from Derry in Northern Ireland and I’m going to be rambling to people who are @CuriousAbout: Korea. (See what I did there, classy).

Who’s bored at work?

That’s me on the left. After five-teen years working in the Civil Service, I needed a break.

I decided to do a T.E.F.L course online. I’m not going to say if it was good or bad. However, it cost me $50 (dollars not pounds) in a groupon offer so I’ll let you ponder the depth and educational value of the course.

After this I did a T.E.F.L certificate at the North West College. I’ll be honest, it was better than the one I did online as it had a teaching element. It was great to actually try and teach something and the students on the course were lovely.  Myself and a fellow student tried teaching colloquialisms we were nervous but did well.

Through this course I got the opportunity to teach Syrian immigrants. They were lovely, really kind and friendly people. It was a genuinely humbling experience but unfortunately, I had to stop after a few months.

So I was stuck in a rut with two T.E.F.L’s, a degree in Psychology and a masters degree in Professional Writing but that wasn’t the turning point. The turning point was something very small that changed my life forever.

What’s the turning point?

I had to check someone’s flexi-time. They’d put down 30 minutes for lunch but had been out two hours. Is this something that I should really care about? Well, not really. Not in the slightest but I wanted to be fair and I didn’t want it to reflect badly on me. I’d been asked to say to them, so I did. I was met with a look. It  was a cross between horror and bewilderment. A look that said ‘f-you’ and ‘what are you asking me for?’ that made me decide to leave.

ryan 2

I went home early and decided to leave as soon as possible.


Look at those dejected eyes.

The first effort failed miserably. I’d applied for a career break and got a job in China. After, researching the job I felt it was a complete scam. So I had to man-up, swallow my pride and cancel the career break.

What a day that was. I wanted to go home, pull a blanket over my head and sleep til it was over. My boss was terrific, she cancelled the career break that day and told me that there would be no problem getting another one. Phew!blanket over head









It was really strange as I made my mind up to go, researched what I needed to do and set about doing it.

Everything you’ll need to teach English in a foreign country will be done in another post.

Why Korea?

Money. It’s all about the money.

Not really. It’s all about trying to change and wanting to try new things.  If I’m going to take a massive leap then it may as well be in a place I’ve never been.

It was either going to be China, Japan or Korea. As the China job was a scam it put me off China (I know that one bad job shouldn’t have turned me against going to China against but it did). I had a job interview for Japan but financially Korea seemed easier..

Next step – getting away from it all.

Thanks for reading,


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