2. Getting away from it all


This is how I managed to get away from it all.


It was Haran Yahya (thanks internet) that said,’

“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.”

It’s true and it’s also a great quote to make you seem smarter than you are 🙂 I sat and I asked myself one really important question, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ My first answer was yes. I’d thought about it and made the decision and I knew that there was no going back.

What I  needed to sort out?

My career break from work was sorted out.


I’d booked a career break and was counting down the days to leave Ireland and start a weird new chapter in Korea.

I need to sort out my house.





I wanted to rent my house out. I thought, if I rent the house out that’ll pay for my mortgage. This way I can go to Korea without any financial worries.



Documentation for moving to Korea. This had all come back and was sitting waiting.


The documents you will need:

Notarized photocopy of your degree (with apostille). You can look online and find a notarizer. I then sent mine to London to get them Apostille’d (The Apostille process took a week, the notary took one day)

A sealed copy of your official university transcripts (should be stamped across the back flap of the envelope. This took a week. I got a few copies as I might need them or ones may have went missing.

A copy of your resume A copy of your passport picture page (copy only, not your passport) and six passport-sized photo.

Criminal record check (federal level with apostille). If this is the UK, it’s a few weeks. You need to upload everything and pay for it. You’ll need verification of your address/ electricity letter, letter from the bank. It’s a pretty straightforward process with a quick turn-around. Your criminal background check is only valid for 6 months.

Pre-employment medical check-up. This is a form you can download online and print off.

For me the biggest hassle was money, it costs to get these things done.  Save up.

Oh, I also needed a job. Apparently, that’s useful when you move to another country.


For a job I googled recruiters, Dave’s ESL and joined everything.  The recruiter got me an interview with a Hagwon in Andong and after an interview I accepted the contract.

Between the interview contract signing and flying out – it was less than three weeks. That was such a fast time, everything seemed to fly. I accepted the job, sent the documents for the visa and left work for a new adventure.

Thanks for reading,



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