3. Leaving Work.

What’s it like to leave work on a career break?

…. Want to find out?

So, as you know I’ve been working in the Civil Service for five-teen years and I’ve taken a two year career break to teach English in Korea.

I just read that sentence and it seems so bizarre that I’ve even written it

I’ve wanted to leave the civil service for years but I think through time we trap ourselves. We look at the four walls and they become a prison in our own head.




We become settled and the fire we once had in our belly becomes an ember and we let the ember burn. Suddenly, you find one gray hair, then two and before you know it, you’ve shaving your head as it’s better than a mop of white.




I don’t care what happens to me here, I don’t care if it’s the worst experience in my life or the best. I’m just glad I’m having the experience.



I remember one of my first report I said to my line manager, ‘I’m not bothered what you give me I’m leaving here in a few months to do my teacher training’….. Oh the words of youth.


So, the leaving do.

good bye 1


I sat trying to do some work in the morning but my heart wasn’t in it. There was a speech that hit a gorgeous tone between embarrassment and civility. It was 11.30. Ciaran (my bestie) was coming down from Belfast to join us for lunch. At twelve, I got up and started to walk towards the exit, everyone wished me luck and gave me their best wishes. They were all genuine and it was really touching.



A few of us went for lunch and myself and Ciaran sat in a local bar having a few drinks and chilling out. It was perfect just spending time with a good mate before I was leaving for Korea. I gave Ciaran a big hug, got a chicken ball special (classy) and got a lift home with my mum.

Ryan 7
I found Jazz on my shoulder.















Thank for reading


good bye 2


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