8. Feed me Andong, feed me all night long

What food should you try in Andong? Easy…. so… so…easy. Find out now.

Andong is famous for two things.

  1. Soju. There was a previous post about this.
  2.  JJim-dak.

What is Jjim-dak? It is food heaven. Seriously, it’s utterly gorgeous and if you ever get the opportunity try it.

Jjim-Dak in all it’s glory.

Jjim-dak has a mixture of glass noodles, chicken, red and green chillies and potatoes with a sauce that’ll drive you mad.

What else is in Jjim-Dak.

(This has been taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andong_jjimdak )

Since Andong jjimdak is cooked over high heat, it has less fat and can have various tastes by adding diverse ingredients according to the recipe. Andong jjimdak is also considered a nutritious dish due to the high protein content from the chicken, and various vitamins provided by the vegetables in the dish.

To make the dish, the broth is prepared first by boiling a cleaned chopped chicken, whole garlic, onions, ginger and a type of fresh green chili pepper called “Cheongyang gochu” (청양고추) altogether in a pot. The pepper is famous for its extreme spiciness and plays an important role in tasting the dish.[6] Cellophane noodles are soaked in water. The cooked chicken is simmered with a sauce made from ganjang, mullyeot (물엿, syrup-like condiment), sugar, and pepper in the broth. Slices of shiitake, and diced carrots, potatoes, and other vegetables are added in the pot and boiled over high heat for ten minutes. Whilst the carrots and potatoes are almost getting cooked, a little amount of wheat flour and spinach, sliced cucumber, scallions and the noodles are added to the pot as well. After cooking, the dish is put on a plate and sesame seeds are spread over it.

jimdak alley

Andong Jjim-Dak is famous in Korea and there’s a market street in Andong that’s crammed with Jjim-Dak sellers. It’s, unsurprisingly called Jjim-Dak alley and as soon as you hit the market the smells that waft towards you take you to another world. A world filled with joyous herbs, spices and chicken.

That solitary chicken survivor didn’t last long after the picture was taken. If you ever find yourself in Andong, definitely try Jjim-Dak alley. It’s a delight for your eyes, ears, nose and stomach.

Address: 184-4, Seobu-dong, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

i’m not sure of the price but it doesn’t matter. It’s one of those dishes you won’t care how much it is, you’ll remember the feeling and the taste and not the price.

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