12. Being confused in bars.

What’s a Korean bar like and is it different. Yes, it is. Find out more.

Korean bars are damn expensive and confuse the hell out of me. It’s a totally different experience to drinking back home.

Now – I’ve not tried every bar in Korea, yet. So this is, obviously. completely general but there are some things that might be helpful.

No mingling. type-1-barricade-plastic-hip-15915d-lgThat’s right. No mingling, if you want to hook up with someone bars are not the place to go. You’ll come in and have you own little separate booth, everyone else will have their own separate booth and… yep… that’s it.


Food. I think it’s called Anju. Is food that’s made to be consumed with alcohol. So you’ll be sitting down and you’ll be given a menu. ‘But I  only want a few pints’. Tough. You’re in Korea, get on with it. There’s some gorgeous side dishes and mains for you to share with your friends.



Prices. Depending on the type of bar, the beer prices will vary. If it’s a small local place with plastic seats and plastic tables then the beer will be cheap. If it’s a pub then Cass will be 6,00 won Guinness will be 12,000 won. If it’s a hostess bar- where there’s normally good looking woman talking to you – and expecting drinks, then prices can get crazy.

If its adult entertainment… then leave your credit card at home as that can be damn expensive…. ahm… apparently.

Enjoy the booze and thanks for reading.


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