14. Pictures of Andong.

What’s Andong like? Find out.

Some people say, why take a thousand photographs when you can capture one perfect one. I don’t believe in that.

Image result for multiple pictures of the same girl


I believe in taking thousands until your eyes bleed then discarding ninety-nine percent as either rubbish or with the exclamation that,’no one wants to see the bottom of my shoes’.

Plus, I’m not a good photographer. I’m a point and clicker. If I take loads hopefully one of them will turn out right.


I have a very simple process.┬áThere’s the thing I want to take a picture of. Here’s my camera. SNAP x 100000. Finished.

As I’ve left Andong, I decided to throw in a couple of pictures. Enjoy. This is a beautiful little square where at night there would sometimes be a guitar player sitting playing some beautiful songs.










Andong is famous for it’s asks. This is around a lot of trees and is really cute.





PIRATES! I’ve no idea what was in this place. It’s Korea. It could be a chicken place, a coffee shop or a barbeque place…. It could be anything. I think it was a restaurant but I was never in it.





This is just a beautiful evening in Andong.






I love this picture as those buildings look gorgeous but there’s the drop beside it. Yikes!






A lovely walk from my Hagwan to, knowing me, somewhere that sold chicken.








The water looks so pure and beautiful. Serene and gorgeous.






I loved Andong at night. Safe, relaxing and gorgeous.






The famous bridge of Andong that always changes to three colours. It’s gorgeous and one of the first things I saw here. Made my mind BLOW!



Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed


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